About Us -Drug Discovery Unit

Since the start of drug discovery researches in 1986, we have been specializing in the identification and preclinical development of novel candidates to address unmet medical needs, especially in the antibacterial field. Our identification processes of novel candidates have been conducted with originality through capitalizing on the strengths of our innovative technologies and experimental insights. After acquiring strong intellectual property rights, we pursue the successful development of our innovative drug candidates through out-licensing to pharmaceutical partners

Productive R&D Team

Drug Discovery Unit is a compact, flexible, and efficient R&D team of experts in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology. In an approach for lead optimization project and drug candidate selection, highly organized close cooperation among experts in our team enables us to move forward with quick, accurate, and productive decisions.

Collaborative Research

Continuing our efforts on the antibacterial program, we have also experienced successful collaborative researches with several big pharmas and academia in our drug developmental projects, which strongly promoted identification of highly potent, novel drug candidates.

Focus Areas

We are currently progressing developmental programs in the following fields.

Infectious Disease
  • Gram-negative bacteria
  • Drug-resistant bacteria
  • Tumor microenvironment-targeting
  • Cancer immunology
Unmet Medical Needs
  • Hepatic fibrosis

Achievements and Pipeline

Drug Discovery Unit has successfully achieved continuous out-licensing of novel candidates in the early stage of development since its establishment in the late 80's. To date, our out-licensing programs have provided novel candidates of antihypertensive drug, quinolone antibacterials, and cephems.